Feature request - Display traffic details on graph with hover, not just click

The reason why I’m asking for this as quite an important addition is that when checking what is going on from the graph, I can miss all sorts of very important bits of traffic if their peaks are very narrow or indeed so small as to be invisible on the graph. What I really want on the graph is the ability to show which app is responsible for traffic at the tip of the mouse arrow (okay, in my case, touchpad arrow - much better!) while hovering. This way, I can ‘scrub’ a section of the graph with the hovered ‘mouse’ arrow and see each successive process (or group of them, of course) that’s responsible for each instant’s traffic. If I’m limited to clicking in order to display such data, then I’m bound to miss various points on that section of graph, and would be bound sometimes to miss something really important.



Thanks for your feedback. Some other people here have also requested something similar and we’re investigating how we can make it work without making the UI too confusing.