[Feature Request] Domain/IP Blocking

Hello! New pro user here. I just noticed something that I’d love as a new feature if possible…

When turning on “ask to connect” mode, I’m shown the application wanting to connect and where it’s trying to connect. I can choose to block the application as a whole, but not do anything about the location. It’d be nice if I could do some sort of surgical block - just blocking that destination (or if easier, that application connecting to that destination). It’d be nice if the destination block could be set by IP, domain, or both.

Thank you for your consideration! Merry Christmas!


We hope to add host blocking in the future, but we’re trying to figure out how to do it in a way that’s user friendly. Thanks for your feedback!

Meanwhile, everyone who comes here for a solution can try this to manually block IP addresses and ranges. This works on all versions of windows.

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