Feature Request - Multiple Client Connections!

Could you add multiple client monitoring. Ex, I have 4 sites, each one with a especific subnet like:
site 1 -, site 2 - … and so on. Then i have a srv-mon where i could connect these computers. Of course, al the routers table rightly configured. This feature is very important for network admins. Don’t forget, always using less bandwith as possible. If this feature to work with 600kbits/s network bandwith, 300ms roundtrip and jitter of 32ms, believe me, you have in your hand an amazing network admin tool and you could use in a pro version! :wink:

My best regards!

Thanks for your compliments! Adding multiple server monitoring is something we plan to do with the final stable version of our software. Thank you for your feedback and thanks for using GlassWire.

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Love the product, just adding the ability to monitor multiple remote clients would be monumental. If there is a need for beta testing this, please consider me.