Feature Request: NIC Binding & Bandwidth Limiting (and more)


I purchased your product a while ago now, and I’m mostly really satisfied. I’m still missing few options however. I’ll write them down in order of importance (to me):

NIC Binding

It would be great (for me crucial) to have a way to bind a program to a particular NIC. This way one could force a certain program to only use the NIC that is attached to a VPN, or only to a LAN NIC.

Bandwidth Limiting

Adding this would allow programs to have their data throttled in order to not interfere with other programs. It would (for example) allow voice/video conference applications (full bandwidth) to remain working smoothly, while synchronizing data in the background (limed bandwidth).

Clean Settings Interface

I’m thinking about an interface that looks a bit cleaner and more professional. Perhaps with menus, foldable with submenus, on the left. A bit like how the competition has done it (looking at a certain dragon-like reptile). It would offer a better overview and faster navigation through the options.


This one has a lower priority on my request list, as I know it has a rather huge part on development, but seems to be doable and in line with Windows Firewall rules (which you seem to be using/setting). Scripting would unleash a lot of power to the user/admin. I could elaborate, but I’m sure you know what I’m referring to.

Custom Theming

This one has close to no priority. But it would be nice to be able to create custom themes, perhaps even community created themes. That way they could be downloaded.

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Thank you for your feedback. We will work on adding these features in the future.

May i add,
i have Glasswire for Windows (pd version)
One feature that i really “fancy” is the… "while you were away"
Any possibility of adding it in Android version?
eg. your Android device is sleep mode, but wifi /data is enabled. If you check later, at least you can see which rogue app is hogging /using your data in background.
Thanks for a quality, useful app.

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This is on our to-do list for sure. I agree the “while you were away” graph is a very useful part of GlassWire. Thanks!