Feature request on Usage and Graph

Very simple, I would like to set the date and time manually typing it in between “all, apps, trafic, publishers” and “Day, week, month and custom”.

It is very annoying to set the slider into lets say, 12:21.

If I want to check all the requests an app made after certainly hour:minute, I have to make great efforts to shoot the slider exactly on the minute that is desired.

It would be easier to just type ‘12:21’. Or any date and time that is desired.

Thank you Ken

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Thanks for your feedback.

You probably already know this, but for anyone else reading this in the future… if you click the date at the top middle of the GlassWire “Usage” screen you can choose different time periods.


To choose a multi-day period click one day, then another day again to do so.

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Thanks for the reminder.

I had read that but it is so easy to forget:

What I’m asking have nothing to do with years or months…

I’m simply asking for having the possibility of double click the Time - Time menu, and change the hour and minute without having to drag the mouse on the graphic below.

It can also extend to the Graph section. But at least on Usage will improve a little the user experience of tracking applications.

Thank you