Feature Request - Optimize Search Function On FIrewall Tab

Hi There,

currently, the search function on the firewall tab only searches for the app name as reported in the apps list.
But oftentimes, the actual windows process name is different from that reported name.
It would be great if that process name was searchable, too. (and maybe other things like file path, publisher and so on which all get parsed by glasswire anyways)

For example:

The “Autodesk Analytics Client Service” is reported just like that in my apps list. And if I search for autodesk, i get these results:

As you can see there, the process name is actually “adpclientservice.exe”
but when i search for this, nothing gets returned:

Would be great if the search function could be expanded.



This is already on our todo list. We agree with this idea, thanks for your feedback.