Feature Requests. DNS Encrypt. Hosts Block


Hello, Thank you for making great service.
After I use sometime, I noticed that some feature would make the app better.

  1. DNS Encrypt and DNS Based Block
    there is an application called simple dnscrypt(simplednscrypt_org). it simply encrypt dns requests by using local dns server by dnsencrypt-proxy(github_com/jedisct1/dnscrypt-proxy). it has encrypting feature and also has hosts block by domain. this would make the users security better.
    there are actively maintained bad-website domains in the world(github_com/StevenBlack/hosts). I hope this files can be updated in the application.

  2. IP Address based Block
    current glasswire system doesn’t have block by ip address. there are many actively maintained malware or malicious ip address lists out there.(zeltser_com/malicious-ip-blocklists/) it would be great if the application has ability to updates the lists by itself.

Thank you again for making great applications!!




Thanks for using GlassWire and thanks for your feedback. We are actively working on host blocking.

For DNS Encrypt we’re familiar with that tech and we’ll investigate how it works. I’m not sure if it’s something we could do on our side safely without hurting network performance.

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