[Feature Requests] Multiple enhancements

Firstly i am a gamer & developer & have A paid version of Glass-wire.

After using Glasswire for multiple months & reporting issues i feel the software deserves the following

  1. this a MUST, “ask to connect” popup messages to be overlay in full screen applications.
    if you play X game And it glass-wire “asks to connect” its behind the game full screen window. Alt+tab is required. This does not happen with the default Windows Firewall, WF overlays the game so you can allow it without Alt+Tab. include a option for “always on top?” for popups?

  2. A tick box option to allow Glasswire to display a popup when the site your on is using SSL or secure encrypted connection. Example: your connected to your bank, Glasswire Displays https://bank.com is secured using true SSL connection

  3. Define your network. My NAS is defined as External Connection not local. We should be able to setup a My Network profile, you input your IP Range EG 2.2.2.X-249. This then creates a new tab “your network” & displays all traffic inside this.

hope this helps!

  1. I actually didn’t realize this problem. I’ll report it to the team, thanks! Can you give an example game that causes this problem?

  2. Almost all websites have SSL now. It might be more useful to tell you when the website doesn’t have SSL.

  3. We are working on this. For now you can go to the “Usage” tab then choose the “Options” pull-down under the “Usage” tab, then choose “Local”. This will only show the local traffic with your PC though. Later we will try to figure out a way to make full network monitoring work in an efficient way.

Thanks for your feedback!

  1. Every game to give an example league of legends tf2 gta. Any application that uses exclusive full-screen option
  1. True but their can be sites that are using fake SSL but either would work.

  2. That feature does not work as mentioned reading/writing to my nas is classed as external traffic. Local should cover an entire subnet or IP range.

just wondered if you had a chance to reproduce this?

I learned we disabled “Ask to connect” during game play on purpose because gamers complained and requested this feature.

can we have a tickbox added to turn this on or off on the fly?

at the moment if you launch a game, say LoL they They have MANY servers and i have to allow each server individually on each game load if i dont allow it it just blacks screens i have to exit the game then relaunch relogin & reconnect to the game session.

maybe tick box like ask to connect always on top (off by default for others)

their are also many games that require connection, but do not tell you that they need connection, without this popup you may thing the game is at fault. :slight_smile:

hope you agree!

We have tried but so many games are different it ends up looking kind of wonky for some games, and looking OK for others… there are just so many games these days. We’ll keep trying to find some kind of solution! I think a setting is a good idea.

I’m a programmer & software tester myself.

I know your challenge’s personally I would be more than happy for glasswire to minimize the game and displaying the popup. If tickbox is active

If a game requests online access 99% of the time its required online access to function.

Minimizing the game and displaying the popup on the desktop should be “easier” from a programming point of view and in theory cover the same response from all games.

Hope it brings you thoughts and ideas. :slight_smile:

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I have a 15 year old game which cannot be minimized due to the modified graphics driver it uses to maintain compatibility on Windows 10. I have to restart the game if it is moved out of full screen mode - that includes minimizing.

I just had an instance of Ask to connect running for some “useless” background task that fired up during the game. The pop-up flickers because the modified driver takes control away from Windows. So I’d prefer to have a Game mode that prevents all GlassWire pop-ups and interactions.

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