Features necessary for "buy"

I can’t even begin to consider a purchase, especially at your pricing. The GUI completely lacks features available in a windowing environment for •decades•

  1. Column sorting.
  2. Search and/or filter. (How do you place any assessment on a small 4-item window for “+2135” more in, for example, Usage?)

As discussed in other topics, and worth repeating: remove firewall apps. Currently, about a dozen apps in my Firewall pane are un-installed.

Expand right-click copy to more areas.

Both your free and paid versions need a front end for skins where colors can be picked allowing users to distance themselves from those childish schemes. Pretty has it’s place, but - well, just… but.

That said, your free version is A-OK, providing functions of great value, and with some exceptions, a joy to use.

Thank you!