Feedback of Virus Total


GW offers a feature “Automatically analyse all apps with network activity with Virus Total”.

As we are not always in front of the screen Alerts, is there a desktop alert when an app is flagged by an AV ?

Thanks for your answer

Yes, go to settings/security then “virustotal scan result”. Thanks!

Is it a popup or a sound ?

We don’t use sound.

It’s a desktop alert.

When the VT return is 0, the line is green.
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Would it be possible that the line is red when the return is different from 0 ?
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VirusTotal is a file analysis service, not an antivirus. Even our own software is sometimes flagged by one of these engines, so I would not recommend making the line very red when only one engine flagged something.

VT is not an AV but it runs over 60 AVs.
It is true that in general the return is 0, 1 or a few tens.
When it is 1, it is often because of an “exotic” AV.

Does GW manage a color scale according to the VT return ?

We show the bar size and color depending on the VT results.