[feedback] there are still 2 features GW does not have and that are important

GW is in version 1.2.57 and with each new build I can’t see anything, let’s say, significant… the program is basically the same version since 6 months ago for me. and what annoys me most, is that there is no auto-update feature nor an updated list on the firewall tab… with this I mean that I need to be always checking the website for a new version and I need to spend 5 minutes of my time removing all the entries on the firewall tabs so that I can actually know what connects to the internet - and I do it manually since we don’t even an option have to remove all the entries at once. right now I have around 100 entries on the firewall tab and more than 60% belong to uninstalled programs (I test new software on my free time). this is what annoys me most, I mean, on the past 2 months I need to remove those invalid entries because the program does not even has a feature to update it’s list… are the devs even thinking about this?

Thank you for your feedback.

Our change list is here https://www.glasswire.com/changes/ and the newest update caused some delays, you can read about it here https://blog.glasswire.com/2016/03/29/how-glasswire-1-2-saves-your-memory-and-resources/.

For 2.0 we plan to add a “profiles” feature and an auto-update, but the auto-update probably won’t be available in the first 2.0 release.

For the old apps on the Firewall list, GlassWire moves them to “inactivate apps” at the bottom when the app hasn’t been used for awhile. You shouldn’t have to move the apps manually. Do you see this at the bottom of your Firewall app list?


thanks for the reply.
on what concerns to your question, yes, I have the inactive list. but what’s the purpose anyway? if it’s inactive, it means that (a) it’s uninstalled or (b) you don’t use the program anymore. I mean, if I could right click that entry to see some advanced information, that inactive list would be interesting, but the thing is that list has no purpose… tell me if I’m wrong, but what positive thing can that list bring? I can’t find one to be honest. I would like it more if, for example, the list removed itself every week or every X days, determined by the user and than the program auto-updated that list again. wouldn’t that be better? also, it takes ages for an entry to go from the active to that inactive list…

Thank you for your feedback. We hope to improve the functionality of the firewall list, including adding firewall profiles, host blocking, and other useful features. Removing uninstalled programs sounds easy but it’s a bit difficult to implement and it introduces some technical and security problems, but we hope to add this ability in the future.

The inactive list is to move apps out of the main list that are no longer active, to make the list more usable. If we show every app that has ever had network activity forever in the main list then it would be annoying and difficult to find the app you were looking for.

You can mouse over an app and click the X next to it to delete that app manually if you’d like to remove it any time for now until we improve.

I decided to use this topic to inform you that I decided to no longer use Glasswire… I need something better for what I do, need something from which I can block apps without going into the main interface and something with a quick block option, something more advanced… GW has that already, but those features are paid, why would I pay for something that is free on other firewalls? also another motive is that since I use the program, for 1 year more or less, never saw actually an update that matters, that makes a huge difference… it’s just like now, using my current version .57 and use the latest is the same for me, when a new update comes I am like: “no pasta, just more rice” if you know what I mean, the program feels stuck to me… maybe I’ll come back when the program becomes more mature and more feature-rich because currently it can’t attend my needs anymore.

We had to spend a lot of time updating the part of GlassWire you don’t see with our 1.2 update https://blog.glasswire.com/2016/03/29/how-glasswire-1-2-saves-your-memory-and-resources/. These resource optimizations took a lot of time, but now that we did them development should move faster again.

We’re planning a major 2.0 update that will be available this summer.

I’m sorry you don’t feel the paid version of GlassWire has any value but you’re welcome to come back to the free 2.0 version in the future. We are fortunate there are GlassWire users who do feel our software has value and that allows us to continue working on this project. We are a small team of indie developers and if nobody purchased GlassWire Basic, Pro, or Elite we would be unable to continue working on this project.

We’re excited about the Mac and Android versions of GlassWire we’re working on currently along with GlassWire 2.0 for Windows!

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also, with what I said, I didint meant to put the gw’s team down or that the program is crap… this is a more detailed explanation: the program is not bad, it’s really stable and reliable, I decided to not use it anymore because it just does not attend my needs anymore, I am a software tester and what I mean with this is that I use and test a lot of BETA and new software, each week I install at least 1 new software and that leads to a lot of programs accessing the internet, this is the motive I decided to leave. if you are a home user that just uses the computer to visit facebook, linkedin, youtube, etc I recommend this firewall because it does not gives problems at all. this explanation is more focused to people that visited the forums to see if people complain (I do it too xd, a lot, when I want to install something new).