Filter and/or sort apps list in firewall tab

I saw that other users already asked for this last year. I only want to know when we will have this feature active?


I’m not sure, probably in the next few months when we release an update with a refreshed user interface. Sorry for the delay.

What options do you want to be able to sort by?

Those I mention in my post: Filtering of apps by name and sorting option by any of the available columns.

As it is quite obvious when you have quite a bunch of apps it is very tedious to scroll down (or up) the list to find the app I want.


Sorry to necro a thread, but I’m also interested in column sorting. Is this a planned feature? It was stated in Nov '14 in another thread that “we’ll work to improve GlassWire via column sorting and usage usability.”

To be more specific, we should be able to click on the column headers (Firewall tab, etc.) to sort by that column, like you can in Windows Explorer. If you click the same column a second time it would invert the sort.

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This would be extremely useful. Navigating those long lists are a drag.

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I’m a relatively new user and my list is already beyond quickly finding that one app. This is such an essential, extremely basic and absolutely necessary feature.

I can’t imagine it’ll take more than 15 minutes to implement a sort-by for each respective column in the firewall tab. And if one column turns out to not be that easy - just omit it, and add this later. Right now there is zero sorting going on, and that really is something that bugs the hell out of anybody using GlassWire, even if they won’t register here to tell you.

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We’re actively working on sorting now that 2.0 is launched. Thanks for your feedback.

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