Find Looping Traffic from a Bad Switch using Glasswire

I have the Eero Mesh network installed throughout my home. We were having issues with most of the entire network going down and taking about 30 minutes for it to resolve its issue and come back online. I was on support with the Eero Network engineers and they said it looked like a bad switch or traffic loop causing thousands of connections/errors. They said they can see this from their end using the glasswire app.
I just purchased the app and installed it on my PC and would like to know how I can see what they were seeing and were in the app to find it.
Then I will start unplugging switches to try and find the Traffic Loop / errors. Its a large home with several Eero access points and about 7 switches throughout the home.

Any suggestions would be great.


Try the PSIsniff program

It may have been a misunderstanding unless you let them install GlassWire on your PC? Maybe they said “something like GlassWire”? Our software definitely cannot see what’s going on with Eero routers. They would have had to install the software on your PC by asking you to install it, or by asking to get remote access to your PC.

I will say though that I myself have used GlassWire to solve a network issue like this with routers and I have seen others do the same. For example our “Things” screen will show an “Evil Twin” alert if two devices are sharing the same IP. This can often be caused by a router behind another router, so your modem should be in bridge mode instead of having two routers. If that’s the case you could look up your modem type and make sure it’s in bridge mode, but it sounds like Eero already helped you do this?

Above is an example about how GlassWire can show you what’s on your network.

Here is our user guide so you can learn about the different things GlassWire can help you do.