Firewall Ask to Connect doesn't remember?

I am new to GlassWire, I have my firewall turned on with ask to connect.
I prefer to give any new process or application permission to connect to the outside world.
My question is, is it normal behavior for GlassWire to forget everything I have already given permission on a reboot?
I would think that information would be stored someone that is not session based.
If I close the app then re-open it seems to remember.
Could be something wrong with my setup?
Any help is appreciated.


No, GlassWire should absolutely NOT forget everything on reboot.

  1. Do you use a “cleaning” software? If so can you stop it from deleting your firewall rules on reboot?

  2. Are you using anther firewall software simultaneously with GlassWire? It’s usually not a good idea to use two firewalls simultaneously.

  3. If you go to GlassWire’s firewall screen after reboot is everything completely lost and unblocked and changed, or is it still there but GlassWire just isn’t blocking things?

Please let me know the answers to these questions and I can suggest a solution. This is not an issue I recall hearing about recently so it sounds kind of unusual.

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the quick response.
I do see existing applications in my firewall that have not been used since yesterday.
So everything isn’t getting wiped, I just get the dialogs to allow again the first time I run things after reboot.
I suspect maybe it is CCleaner?
The only option I see in here that has anything to do with firewalls is Windows Defender which I did just uncheck.
I don’t see any GlassWire specific cleaning settings.


Here is my windows tab on CCleaner


I have never heard of CCleaner deleting our firewall rules and I don’t see anything in there that shows it does that, so perhaps it’s unrelated.

Let’s try this:

  1. Go to add/remove programs and uninstall GlassWire.
  2. Go to your Windows Firewall control panel and choose “restore defaults”.
  3. Reinstall GlassWire using the “reset firewall” and “clean install” options if it’s OK if you don’t save your settings/history? I trust it’s OK since they are not getting saved anyway.
  4. Turn on your firewall and run “Click to block” for awhile… maybe block a few things and see if that’s working?
  5. Reboot again
  6. Are the blocked items remembered in GlassWire’s firewall?


Thank you Ken.
That seemed to do the trick, held my settings after reboot.
Appreciate the quick help.

I have not used CCleaner lately, but if they have an option to white list certain areas please white list this:

It should help you avoid any future issues with GlassWire/CCleaner.

Perfect thank you. I added it to the Options > Exclude section which means CCleaner will not so much as look at that folder let alone touch anything.
Also added the folder to Options > Allow list on MalwareBytes just in case that potentially messed with something.
Thanks again!

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I was able to reproduce the issue and determine what is causing it.
If I add or remove a Sata SSD everything is forgotten.
I had added some drives the last time it happened, all was well, until today I removed one of the drives and it reset the firewall rules again.

Edit: Submitted a bug report with my sysinfo to hopefully help. This may just be me or something specifically weird about my setup since I have not seen anyone else discussing this issue, so maybe the Sysinfo can narrow it down.

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