Firewall "clear" button in new versions

. would like to in the tab “firewall” had a “clear” button so that you remove applications that are not installed on the pc.

Although there is already a section for any inactive connections of more than 7 days, these can be or not on the pc.

Other Firewalls it is even in automatic mode, when you uninstall a program, it disappears from the list, such as Mcafee or Avast Firewall, in which case this issue with their developers and they added it 2 years ago,with button “clear”

Thank you

We have this button, but it’s not very obvious. Go to the “Firewall” tab then mouse over the app you want to remove from the firewall. You will see to the right there is a grey X. Click this X and the app should be removed from the firewall.

Yes, already is that applications can be removed manually, but I am referring to a button, such as Avast Firewall or others, pressing, will remove all applications or executables that, are not on the pc well either because the program is uninstalled or because a temporary file that already were not

You probably also noticed we hide “Inactivate apps” at the bottom of the list. We’ll see how we can detect what apps are removed from the system. Thank you for your feedback.

Since inactive area still shows paths to uninstall programs. It should be a simple thing to just do a path search for each listed application and remove from list if not found. Upon hitting a button, of course.

It would be great to have the option to select multiple line items for clearing, instead of the “x” for each entry. There are also things like duplicate entries that conflict with each other. Which one wins that battle? :slight_smile: