Firewall Improvements

Hi there,

first of all thx for this product. It makes everything network related just so easy for me.

Since I’m mostly using the firewall in “ask-first-mode” most of my applications are blocked because who needs 315 adobe services to connect to the internet right?
Now there are some features I am really missing in the firewall tab:

  1. A search bar to search all blocked applications
  2. A button to remove all items from the list which no longer exist
  3. A way to activate notifications when a blocked application is trying to connect to something.

I hope to see some, if not all, of the features in a future version.
Can’t wait :wink:


Thank you for your feedback.

  1. I agree we need full search also.

    • You can mouse over any app you want to remove and click the X to remove it. Also old apps move to a different area after awhile automatically, but don’t disappear completely for security reasons.
    • I want this too, but since the app can’t connect it’s hard to see. We are looking at ways to accomplish this.



a button to remove no longer existing apps would still be nice. If they reappear i want to be asked again if I want to allow it.

The list is really cluttered up with old installers and stuff that doesn’t seem to move to the inactive group.

More ways to improve it:

  • Allow creation of custom groups (Windows/Apps/Updaters/Useful stuff etc)
  • Allow labeling of application
  • Allow applications by hash or something not depending on the path