Firewall not logging some program!

i am using a software called “ruijie”,this program is mainly used for isp internet registration and , aka a dial-up program. this program is essential for my access to the internet.i found that this program was never logged in the glassWire security.
and i think this is an issue ,because some malware can use this machnism to avoid being detected

Thank you for your report. Your PC is hooked up to a telephone line through a dial up modem? I want to be sure I understand.

my pc is not hooked up to a telephone line,my pc is in a university’s local net work, the university requires users to use a local programe to verify computer identity so we can use the internet.
again i need you people to consider the possibility of software signature imitation or possible leaks and seriously consider offer users the MD5 hash and sha256 hash together with filesize. it is normal for a programe to have bugs, as long as it improves,it will win the support of the users who really need it.i understand the stress and difficulty of being white hats, and i hope you people can be real white hats to fight all possible harms in a weponized internet environment.

Does “ruijie” appear under the “Firewall” tab anywhere with GlassWire (please check and confirm)? Where can we download it to see what you mean?

no,it does not appear anywhere under firewall tab.i can send you this file together with it’s md5 and sha1 hash and it’s size.

How exactly does it communicate with your University? Does it do so through the phone line, or another way?

it is not a phone line ! it is a normal lan .
i found the download link, but i am not sure if you can access this resource or not.

file info should be as follow

0cbe7afbbf592f019ff9d37fccddfb0a 1050d2ad51f13b565d6f050685d426df4c72f7a8
filesize is 8,555,264 Bytes

I can download it, thanks.

any idear why the firewall can not log this program’s traffic?

I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. Working on it. Sorry for the delay.