Firewall setting: Ask to connect

I’m confused about how the firewall settings work. There’s a dropdown at the top with ‘Click to Block’, ‘Ask to Connect’ and ‘Block All’. Beside each app there’s a flame icon, toggles between grey and orange.

I thought that if I filtered the list and then clicked ‘Block All’ then it would block just those in the list, but instead it appeared to block all connections on my computer! Also, there was no apparent method to select a group of apps.

With the filtered list I then clicked on ‘Ask to connect,’ but that didn’t appear to do anything. When I look at the details for an app there is simply a toggle for block or unblock.

How exactly does ‘Ask to connect’ work please?

Thanks for using the firewall and sorry for the issues.

I have posted a link to our user guide that might help with the situation.

  1. Click to block lets you block any app, and unblock it, any time you want.

  2. Ask to connect lets you allow/deny new apps that connect to the network, but please note if you have been running GlassWire for awhile then the already allowed apps will still be allowed. If you want to start this over you can mouse over any app and look for the X next to it, then remove all the apps. Or you can look at the center top of the firewall and choose “profile” and make a new profile that’s fresh that might solve this.

  3. Block all does block everything. The idea is that if you are going to be away from your PC you can just block everything until you return. That’s why the notification is so “in your face”, so you know how to start using your PC again when you’re back.

I hope this helps! Using the “profile” might be what you need, or maybe just X out all the apps you want to start over with.

If I block something then remove it from the list, does it stay blocked or is is unblocked in the deletion process?
If it stays blocked, how do I unblock it?

If you remove a blocked app from the list, then it’s like it never existed on the list and it’s unblocked.