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I’m trying to further understand what the firewall settings options mean and how they function when an individual program is selected to be blocked.

My main question is that if I select the fire icon next to a program, what happens to this programs via the different firewall settings (Click to Block, Ask to Connect and Block All).

Background Info: I have a program selected to be blocked. There is no indication of the program trying to connect to the internet except in Block All mode. This seems off.

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Check out this guide for details on our how Firewall tab functions

If you block an app then it should stay blocked in “Ask to connect” mode, then in “Block all” mode everything is blocked so it will stay blocked there also. So, to answer your question everything should stay blocked once you block it unless you switch profiles in the top middle menu of the Firewall screen.

In the center of the firewall window is the “Firewall Profiles” option. You can create and save a firewall profile depending on your location, or how you use your device. For example, you can turn on “Ask to connect” mode and deny everything but Internet Explorer so nothing else accesses the network. You can then use this profile while you’re on a metered Internet connection to save data usage.


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I use several profiles and it is really a boon.

I have one “normal” one for most work.

I actually have one for printing, since I am always on a windows network, and the spooler app seems to continually want to “ping” the network for other printers, I saw a significant amount of traffic when I was not printing a thing. This also stops stupid “you are low on ink” junk.

I have one for drop box, so I don’t have to watch it eat up bandwith and cpu trying to sync and it’s updater software is pretty invasive.


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