Firewall Tab Breaking After 24 Hours

Hi all.

Been using Glasswire for a while now but recently started getting this issue. I have re-installed the program twice (once with a clear of all data/settings) but it happens again.

If my computer is recently booted or just restarted for about 24-48 hours everything works fine but after that the Firewall page no longer works correctly. Nothing updates, including in/out bandwidth. Screenshot for example:

Annoying as this is what I use Glasswire most for.


Are you using another third party app that is disabling your Windows Firewall?

Uninstall GlassWire, then go to your “Windows Firewall” control panel and choose “restore defaults”.

Reboot and reinstall with our “clean” install option.

Its creating a 1.49GB file on my desktop named:


Can you make sure you’re using our latest software and use our installer to do a “clean install”?

My current version is 1.2.102 which I believe to be the latest.

Is there a log I can provide you?

I can do a clean install if you would like but it would be the 4th time I have done it.