Firewall TAB "ON" is not by enable

SYS message
1、win7 64 ,
2、GLASSWIRE 2.1.158

1、uninstall antivirus, not valid
2、uninstall GLASSWIRE,
3、install GLASSWIRE 2.1.158 not valid2
08:22:25.0 [EVENT] Service initialization. Version 2.1.158
08:22:25.1 [EVENT] Log configuration file loaded: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\log.conf
08:22:25.2 [EVENT] Loading configuration.
08:22:25.3 [EVENT] Main configuration file loaded: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.conf
08:22:25.4 [EVENT] Database storage path C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.db
08:22:25.5 [EVENT] GeoIP storage path C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\GeoLite2.mmdb
08:22:25.6 [EVENT] Type storage path C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\storage.db
08:22:25.7 [EVENT] Configuration loading done.
08:22:25.8 [EVENT] Loading main storage: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\glasswire.db
08:22:26.9 [HINT] License file loading status: 1, path: C:\ProgramData\Glasswire\service\license.dat
08:22:26.10 [HINT] License file parse status: 1
08:22:26.11 [HINT] License is OK.
08:22:26.12 [HINT] Thread STARTED: SESSEVT (Session events notification thread), pid=3956, action = 0
08:22:26.13 [HINT] Thread STARTED: ASIO (Handles ASIO events), pid=3964, action = 0
08:22:26.14 [HINT] Thread STARTED: WORKER (Worker thread), pid=3972, action = 1
08:22:26.15 [HINT] Thread STARTED: PULLER (Driver data pull-out thread), pid=3976, action = 2
08:22:26.16 [HINT] Thread STARTED: HELPER (Long time tasks helper thread), pid=3980, action = 3
08:22:26.17 [HINT] Thread STARTED: ALERTS (Alert handlers thread), pid=3984, action = 4
08:22:26.18 [HINT] Thread STARTED: STATS (Statistics storage thread), pid=3988, action = 5
08:22:26.19 [HINT] Thread STARTED: HTTP (HTTP helper thread), pid=3992, action = 6
08:22:26.20 [HINT] Thread STARTED: DATABASE (Database handlers thread), pid=3996, action = 7
08:22:28.21 [EVENT] Started listener: name=‘Local listener’, bound_ip_addr=‘’, cid=0
08:22:28.22 [EVENT] Started listener: name=‘Main listener’, bound_ip_addr=‘’, cid=1
08:22:28.23 [EVENT] New session: sid=0, type=‘listener’
08:22:28.24 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=0, state=‘connecting’
08:22:28.25 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=0, dist=‘not defined’, state=‘established’
08:22:28.26 [EVENT] New session: sid=1, type=‘listener’
08:22:28.27 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=1, state=‘connecting’
08:22:28.28 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=1, dist=‘not defined’, state=‘established’
08:22:48.29 [EVENT] New connection: type=‘incoming’, name=‘Local listener’, bound_ip_addr=‘’, remote_ip_addr=‘’, cid=2
08:22:48.30 [EVENT] Starting SSL handshake for cid=2
08:22:48.31 [EVENT] SSL handshake successfully done for cid=2
08:22:48.32 [EVENT] New session: sid=2, type=‘incoming’
08:22:48.33 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=2, state=‘connecting’
08:22:48.34 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=2, state=‘encrypting’
08:22:48.35 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=2, dist=‘local’, state=‘established’
08:23:26.36 [EVENT] Process started: session_id = ‘1’, user = ‘SZW’, path = ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\GlassWire\GWIdlMon.exe’
08:23:28.37 [EVENT] New connection: type=‘incoming’, name=‘Local listener’, bound_ip_addr=‘’, remote_ip_addr=‘’, cid=3
08:23:28.38 [EVENT] Starting SSL handshake for cid=3
08:23:28.39 [EVENT] SSL handshake successfully done for cid=3
08:23:29.40 [EVENT] New session: sid=3, type=‘incoming’
08:23:29.41 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=3, state=‘connecting’
08:23:29.42 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=3, state=‘encrypting’
08:23:29.43 [EVENT] Session state changed: sid=3, dist=‘local’, state=‘established’

this question is solve.glassWire is rely on WINDOS firewall。

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GlassWire uses the Windows Firewall API, that is true. I’m glad you found the solution.