Firewall tab - questions and suggestions


I have a use case that requires the use of both the graph and the firewall.

I have just seen an unexpected download traffic from Aws when my PC was iddle generated from Chrome. this has been visible thanks to the graph and the ability to separate the chrome traffic and then to check for the hosts.

But to go further, I need some improvements on the user experience:

  • I would need to be able to select a window of time, select an app, then a hosts and then to add it to the firewall rules. This because the firewall tab, (except if I’m wrong) always use the same window of time and not the one defined in the graphics.
  • I would need also to groups hosts per name, and then per IP, instead of name & ip now. This because in my case, I got many various hosts but each with a different IP, and this makes the reading very hard.
  • I was wonder also, if Glasswire would be able to the extension level for the chrome plugins, as Chrome is currently doing but only for the UC, see this here :
  • I also realised that it would help to have on the graphic per app, an ability to highlight an host as well, providing that we can group hosts per names first
  • Then on the graphics, once you selected a period of time and an app, the events are listed but without any time & date which would help a lot, and avoid to click and go to the event UI. It looks even that the events are not display related to the time window under analysis, which is currently a problem since it looks to be the case and this requires to leave this experience to realise that it’s not
  • Also, any time we have download & upload stats, viewing the host or the firewall, can’t we get an order by for those columns ?

Kind regards.



Thanks for your feedback.

The column sorting is coming. For the rest, thanks for your feedback. I’ll send your suggestions to the dev team so they can read them. For Chrome, it’s unlikely we can get to the extensions because browsers are always changing how their extensions work, plus they secure them heavily. I could be wrong though.

OK looking to your later feedback then. And good to know that the sorting is coming.

Kind regards.