Firewall will not block unknown

Firewall will not allow me to block 3 unknown apps, try to block and the circles instantly turn from red to green again. What’s going on?


Sorry for the issue. Let me help you fix it.

Is this for Android or Windows? I think it must be Android because you mention circles.

Are you using a secondary VPN with our Android local VPN? If so please disable the other VPN temporarily to test blocking again.

Is the firewall set to “on” and do you see a key icon at the top of your phone? May I ask your phone type?

You may want to uninstall our app, restart your phone, then reinstall our app accepting all permissions. Perhaps we lost some permissions somehow.

Galaxy s6+
Using your service for over a year, never seen this before.
Only VPN is Glasswire, key is present.
I’ve reset phone, uninstalled Glassware reinstalled and started with block all. Blocked everything but these 3 apps…
It’s strange.
I use developer mode, don’t know if that has something to do with it?


I use developer mode and I have not seen this. I don’t recall anyone reporting this issue either.

If you scan your phone with something like Malwarebytes, do you see anything unusual?

Full malware scan turned up nothing.
Probably time to move on to full factory reset…
Also the 3 unknown apps that will not be blocked do not show up as using any data…

Do the unknown apps show up in any of the Android app lists e.g. mobile data app list?

I’ve never seen an unknown app. Does GlassWire have any code that will label an app as “unknown”?

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We show apps as “removed” (it means uninstalled) but I don’t believe we ever call anything “unknown”.