First user information

I downloaded the ASSUMED glasswire lite installer version (in german again other terminology) from a german site and first wanted to know-before installing and corrupting my syszem with not unasable installs - what is was doing and what the differences were with the pro versions.
I’m on a laptop, and PC, win8 and MOSTLY MINT (QStudio) , also on a NUC, on a FIXEDcable IP connection over a router and VPN.

First: Your blog saved a lot and is great.

However: I did not get ANY information on the glaswire versions differences with a handy one page table.
I did find it with a sorry remark in your blogs but got little irritated by your popup talking about ENJOYING looking at it - as I was just IRRITATED that it was not you site as it should be.
Up till now it is NOT clear of the lite version is your free version also.

A goold idea to add it.

My personal decision:

It results that for fixed-line IP traffic use monitoring on a standard win computer wîth defender and win firewall only it could be handy. With the VPN I use, and Arconis sec app I use, I fear it will be conflicting, and cause nothing but problems.
And on Mint and co it brings nothing, as I am quit sure it won’t work.

Great also that in one entry it was mentioned that it also collides with NVidea GPU use.
It use the PC for fast Videoconversions over handbrake using this.

I decided not to try it

Suggestion: Put a monitoring tool WITHOUT firewall function on the markte that works with all systems (inluding linux) and over VPN and with whatever security tool (a whireshark plus).

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to add a more dedicated “Lite” page in the future.