[Fix] Mini Viewer crashes dragging between monitors

I figured out why the application was crashing when I dragged the Mini Viewer between my monitors and, in the hopes that it solves someone else’s issue, wanted to post it here.

This is on Windows 10 Home, build 1909, Nvidia drivers, Glasswire Elite v 2.1.167. My main monitor has the text and UI scaled up to 150% for readability, the second monitor is at 100%. When dragging the mini viewer between the two, at about halfway onto the second monitor, Glasswire would pinwheel and then crash.

After changing the scaling on my main monitor to 100% to match the second monitor, the mini viewer went across just fine. So, I assume this is something with trying to scale the Viewer to two different percentages at the same time causing an error and crash.

Anyway, hope that helps someone else.

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Thanks for this detailed report!

This bug actually may be fixed in our latest software. You’re using an older version. I remember someone else reporting the issue, then our team recreated it and I believe they fixed it.

Please try and let me know your results.

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Upgraded and this is definitely fixed. Guess I need to be better about checking my version!

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I’m glad it’s fixed! Sorry you had to live with that issue for awhile.

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