Flash crashes on Firefox - suspected incompatibility with anti-exploit programs

Flash player 17.0 no longer works in Firefox 37.0.1 after installing Glasswire (plugin / FF crashes). I suspect it could be due to an incompatibility with one of my anti-exploit programs HitmanPro.Alert 3 or MBAE Free (latest versions).
Other security software used: WSA, MBAM Premium, CryptoPrevent, Voodooshield, WinPatrol and WinPrivacy.
Uninstalling Glasswire removes the problem.

Thanks for reporting this. I don’t know how GlassWire could interact with Flash in any way but we’ll test and see if we can reproduce this on our end.

I fear I may be wasting your time. I reinstalled Glasswire and the problem no longer exists. Apologies for false alarm. Will monitor.