Font not looking nice

I just downloaded the app to see how it is and the fonts not looking nice.
Is blurry, too small, hard to read.
Some fonts are not using RGB Anti-Aliasing (Not respecting the Windows Clear-Type option, RGB is Clear-Type ON), and are Gray AA (Clear-Type OFF).
imgur: /a/EMjEJUg

Any way to make it right and more readable?

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There is absolutely a way to make GlassWire look however you prefer! Just go to our top left menu and choose “settings” then “appearance”.

You can make our text super huge, and you can change the colors of the app to many different color combinations with our themes.

I see what you mean with the clear-type issue. I have reported it to our team and we appreciate your feedback on that so we can improve.

That just increases the entire window size, icons, etc. Not just text.
Still not have the RGB Anti-Aliasing like on Settings Window.


Yes, it does increase the entire windows size, fonts, etc…

I see your point on the RGB anti-aliasing and we have opened a ticket for that. Thanks.

Thanks. Would be nice.