French translation


In the “Themes” tab, there is the choice “Lemon & Lime”.

I think that a better translation in French language would be “Citron & Citron vert” and not “Citron & Limon”.

I wanted to post links to Wordreference for Lime and Limon but it was denied.

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I will report this to our team, thanks!

What does “Limon” mean in French?

Limon Capture

Wikipedia : Alluvium, soil carried by a river and deposited on its banks.

Funny! Yes, it’s not supposed to be a soil skin. :slight_smile: Sorry for the issue.

another translation to review :
jumeau Capture

WR Wifi Capture

What does our current translation mean?

I didn’t know the term “Evil Twin” which seems to be an expression for network specialist.

On French Wikipedia for “Jumeau maléfique” they talk about phishing in Wifi networks. Are Glasswire’s controls broader?

I think the term “Alerte connexions Wifi suspectes” (“Alert suspicious Wifi connections”) speaks more to the common man.

It’s up to you to decide.

Just to be clear, do you think our current description can be accurate for “Evil Twin”, or do you completely disagree with our current French terms for that?

The French description is accurate.

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