Future Feature Requests!


Dark theme PLEASE.

(I read Ken’s post about the API. I understand the difficulty.)

Still needs me a dark theme whenever possible.


Windows app:

  • Customizable alert position (e.g. which monitor & corner)
  • In-built update mechanism instead of forwarding to download page

Android app:

  • Alerts as push notification in mobile app (e.g. to allow connections in “Ask to connect” mode without tabbing out)


I have used Zone Alarm as my firewall with Win 7 for many years now mainly because it blocks connections automatically and asks, with pop-ups, whether to allow or deny those connections this time or always. Can this type of action be incorporated into GlassWire?


The free version will not ask your permission before allowing outbound connections. It will report on them and also, if you turn on the feature, it will submit files to VirusTotal.com and report back (usually within a couple of seconds) if any of the AV engines there think it is malicious.

The analysis at VirusTotal.com is a killer feature as far as I am concerned. All too often, you can have an unknown program accessing the network. Finding out if any of the AV engines at VirusTotal think it is malicious is great.

All the paid versions of GlassWire can block and ask your permission before allowing apps to access the network. Combined with submission to VirusTotal.com, I think this allows for a very secure configuration.


I like to see of course the Remote on Android to access PC’s data but even more PC to access androids data. I know it’s on the list. I sadly made a thread about the status on it then noticed this darn thing bad me :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing I like to see something simple is an option to disable Androids dimming / screen off function while using glasswire. I like to keep it plugged in and just watch it while tethering. Sadly android has no screen off disable function but apps can actually do this and rather not have to rely on third party.

Seria possível integração com o Nordvpn em atualizações futura

Hi. I’m trying to get a Little Snitch like experience on Windows.

The three features I would like to see, in order of priority:

  • Geomap of IPs and connections (someone else asked for this)

  • Ability to say Block this forever, for 15m, 1h, until I logout

  • Syndication support for block ip’s and hostnames (little snitch just released this) feed

I used Glasswire awhile back but I need a bit more feature parity with Little Snitch before I use it.



Thanks for your feedback. What does “syndication support” mean exactly? I searched around on Google and could not find anything about that term and Little Snitch.


From LS homepage:

Subscribe to blocklists

Benefit from the community’s expertise: Subscribe to rule groups from other users and prevent your Mac from connecting to selected ad servers, phishing servers, trackers, etc.

Protecting your privacy has never been easier.


Multiple modes: Currently GlassWire has two modes of firewall; on or off. I suggest having other ways to limit the bandwidth that can consume each application, for example: closed, low, medium, high and open, where closed and open correspond to the current on and off.

The reason for this suggestion is to be able to limit applications such as windows update that depletes the bandwidth for 3Mb connections or less.