Future Feature Requests!

Change the tray icon menu item from “Deactivate Glasswire” to “Deactivate License.”

Change the dialogue text:
Are you sure you want to deactivate your license?
You can use your key again to reactivate your license by selecting Activate License in the menu.

Continuing to use Glasswire unlicensed… explain that. (As GW doesn’t shut down, but restarts.)

My cousin’s sister’s brother heard about some one accidentally deactivating GW thinking it had to do with fully deactivating, temporarily, GW’s exes and service, above and beyond that evoked by Exit.

It’s easy to miss that one reference to “key” and/or not associate it with blowing away the currently running license.


I would like an option to sniff dump of traffic per a selected application. So that it can later be viewed in Wireshark.

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That is an interesting suggestion!

Welcome aboard Frank22222!

I’d like the GlassWire to show the Internet speed (download and upload) on the taskbar, just like:


Dear GlassWire Team, please, do the settings to create a rules and BLOCK or ALLOW some IP addresses and ports per each app! That will be awesome! Very needed option!


I would like automatic update of GlassWire.


Hi Everyone, like to put forward the following feature requests:

  1. Ability to import block lists, from blocklist.site or DBL.oisd.nl for instance.
  2. Can we get a home gateway edition of Glasswire. Would love to see Glasswire running on something like this: tinyurl (dot) com/y4b78vpf, Fitlet2 from TinyGreenPC
  3. Can Glasswire implement uservoice/userreponse for feedback/feature requests/helpdesk




With an option to update manual if preferred by the user.


I can understand and sympathise with the tone here, but I have not become that frustrated. (yet)
That said, I agree with the majority of these feature requests and can see the sense in this approach.

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I don’t understand why you’re writing this. I can download it from the site but it’s not the same.

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Some people like to be in control of updates and know when they are happening and so that it does not interfere with downloads/uploads etc.


Still waiting for port monitoring for windows feature

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Just a small but potentially very useful feature: I like to have the Mini Viewer permanently visible to monitor my connection usage. But it’s very hard to find a place on the screen where it doesn’t obstruct anything important.

It would be great if the Mini Viewer could set opacity to 0 % (may be configurable but not necessary) on mouse hover, possible with some modifier key pressed (like Ctrl, Shift, etc.) so it doesn’t conflict with other on-hover features (settings and close button, window resizing, etc.). The whole feature may be configurable (a checkbox).


Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but if you mouse over the mini viewer and click the little settings icon at the top right you can set transparency. Please try it.

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@Ken_GlassWire would we be able to get some sort of timeline for these suggestions? If you have one, where can I find the roadmap and information about what features you will implement. I get the feeling that there are loads of suggestions and a lot of praise for us providing them, but not much effort to actually implement some of them.

I for one would like to know.


We don’t have a public timeline but perhaps we can consider that someday. Thanks for your feedback.

Right now we are focused on getting our Mac version out. Once it’s out we’ll do another review of our user feedback from our newsletter polls and this thread. We’ll see what features were requested the most then make an updated roadmap.

The features here are carefully reviewed and counted. We look at the feedback we are given via email, on social media, through newsletter polls, and through this forum thread along with the forum in general.

We then carefully tabulate the user feedback on what users want. If what the users want is technically possible we’ll start going down the list and working on it.

A lot of the things you guys request are things we want for ourselves also! Thanks for your patience while we work on new features.


Thank you for the quick answer :slight_smile:

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having night mode/dark screen a feature whether or not you pay for the full version, i use my PC at night at times and when i want to use GW to check why im getting slow speeds i am blinded by the white light. i find it annoying why you have to pay for it and would like it to be a feature to all users of this awesome service.