FW & application blocking

W10 Famille - 21H1 - 19043.1165 / GW 2.3.335

It appears that you can block an application while the FW is Off. This is surprising.

On the FW screen, I wanted to display the details of an application.
I mistakenly clicked on the flame (?) instead of clicking on >. This blocked the application.
I clicked again on the flame (?) and the application was unblocked.


How long had the firewall been off? I ask because sometimes there is an animation that shows the firewall is switching off, but it takes a little time.

I just tried on my own PC and I could not reproduce this.


I have never used the GW FW because I already have one installed.
It is Off since the installation of GW.

Perhaps the firewall you use somehow conflicts with ours.

Maybe, but it surprises me.

Windows’s FW is disabled on my laptop.

Is there a GW user on the forum who has never used Glasswire’s FW and can do the test ?

We use Virtual Machines. I tested with mine and could not confirm this. I will report the issue to our QA to test also (quality assurance).

Hello Ken,

Your following post
Sorry for the issue. Is your firewall set to “on” if you go to our firewall tab? We allow users to block apps, even when the firewall is off. It’s useful because you can block things while not using our firewall.

seems to confirm that it is possible to block an application even if the FW is Off.

Did I understand correctly?

Right, you understood correctly. The app is supposed to be able block an application, even IF the firewall is turned off. That’s why I made my original post. Not a huge deal now, but it is something I’m keeping an eye on with other apps that I have marked to block. The bottom line, Glasswire is the best thing I have seen so far to show me exactly WHAT is going up or down my internet pipe when I’m not expecting it.

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I believe @SteveR experienced the opposite, but perhaps I am mistaken. Our team is investigating and thanks for your report @telegramme.