FYI: v2.3.363 update alert worked but "upgrade" failed to install

Just FYI that the ‘update’ failed on two machines, Win10 and Win7.

I did download and installed on both machines, ran ok.

It told me updates were available, so started the upgrade, the app stopped on both, then it sat for “forever” doing something before reporting failed.

Sorry for the issue. Are you admin on those machines, or are you logged on as a user?

Something similar happened to me but update did install successfully either way, I think I needed to restart it and then I saw version 2.3.363 in the About pop-up

That was several days ago, and today after my computer started, another pop-up showed that says that I can update to 2.3.363 even though I have already updated! :open_mouth:

Here are the two pop-ups (update and about) side by side:

Why does it ask me to update if I’m already on that version?

I too had the updater fail. Local Admin account.

Please reproduce the problem, then send us logs.

How do I make technical support logs with GlassWire?
-Stop the GlassWire service via the TaskManager.
-Open C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service-full (or -lite, depends on the version the user runs). - In your case I believe it’s full.
-Open glasswire.conf as administrator.
-Set the following parameters and save the file:

LogLevel = 255
LogEnabled = true

Start the GlassWire service via the TaskManager.
Repeat the problem and wait a few minutes.

Send us the logs from C:\ProgramData/glasswire/service-full/log (or service-lite, depends on the version)
Contact GlassWire - Please include a link to this thread. Please include a screenshot of your task manager also if possible.

Thank you for your report.