Gaming Performance

Is there any documentation related to gaming performance? I’ve got this idea stuck in my head that glasswire is slowing down packets while playing CS:GO, Dota, etc.

For instance heres an old network config, I can’t imagine any firewall playing nicely.

rate         80000  // Maximum Download Bandwidth in byte per second.
cl_cmdrate     128  // Maximum Command Packets per second, sending to the Server.
cl_updaterate  128  // Maximum number of Update Packets per second received from the Server. 
cl_interp        0
cl_interp_ratio  2

We use the Windows Firewall API, so Windows Firewall is running if GlassWire is or not. The reason we chose to use the Windows Firewall API is because it uses less resources and is compatible with almost all Windows software.

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I now, Windows Firewall API is the good idea for this game as CS or Dota2


Windows Firewall runs on around a billion PCs by default, so no… it should not hurt your gaming performance in any way.

I can confirm that as a gamer it does not impact your speeds.

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