GassWire not working on laptop, please help

I downloaded this app from total 360 yet when I try to connect it gets to about 3% then says " The GlassWire service has stopped running. " I have tried everything even rebooting my computer and deleting the app but it does no difference. Id really like to use this as my windows defender has been disabled and I can not get that back on too. I use a Asus laptop, runs on windows 10.

This is my first time using it as well. )))))

360 Total Security normally disables Windows Defender because they are both real-time antivirus programs that should not be running at the same time.

GlassWire is not a replacement for Windows Defender or any other antivirus program.

I would still love to try it out though so I could at least monitor my laptop.

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Sorry for the problem. If you install GlassWire from our website using the “clean” installer option does it work? I recommend trying that, then uninstall GlassWire again and switch back to the 360 version.

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Oh I have just tried it, Thank you it is working brilliantly now! :smile:

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