Gasswire RAM Usage and Service Failing

Hi, today my GlassWire app started to use a lot of RAM, after that, the service stopped working. Now, every time I restart the service, Glasswire works for 2 min and fails again, I really like the app, but I don’t want to uninstall it and reinstalling it again (using free version).
For every time that the app failed, I have a dump in my desktop. (1.2/1.8 gb each). Your app is amazing but really unstable (The error scanning from the things tab for example never got fixed, but is not a problem anymore because I’m using the free version now, without trial).


May I ask how much RAM your PC has? Do you use Bittorrent or something that makes a lot of simultaneous host connections?

Have you scanned your PC for malware?

Ryzen7 with 16 GB of RAM, and Qbittorrent running. I don’t have any Malware (Scanned every day with Malwarebytes and Windows Defender (Win10 Pro)

If you need to run Bittorrent you may want to go to our top left menu and change GlassWire to “Incognito” or just make that one “Qbittorrent” app “Incognito”.


GlassWire’s job is to show you the hosts you are connected to. Bittorrent connects to a crazy amount of simultaneous hosts, so it makes GlassWire have to work very hard and it will use memory to do that work for you. @lcfx

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