GeoIP implementation inaccurate/wrong?

its a curious problem.
I have a server, hosted in germany with a german domain and also says, its german :wink:

But GlassWire think, I’m russian. (goes to a picture, hosted on But as a new user, its not allowed to post pictures directly)

With some google’ing, I found this “ip-information-site”, there “russian federation” is also mentioned. But it also shows the (more or less) correct position.
And I have not the right to post more than two links, so the same link like above, but with an additional 2.
( …/GlassRussia2)) :wink:

I have no idea, what information are used for GeoIP. But it seems for me, they are inaccurate/to old/wrong/whatever.
GlassWire isn’t the first site, I have these problem. Some weeks/months ago, also redirected me to the russian shop. But not anymore.

Thanks for your help

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We use a third party system that’s usually accurate. We’ll check it out more in detail to be sure it’s not a bug, thank you for your feedback.