Glass wire sevice crashing

Glass wire can’t connect to the local service and produces a .dmp file I have tried the uninstall, reboot and reinstall but the issue persists the three services mentioned in another post are running.


What OS version are you using?

When you did the reinstall did you check GlassWire’s “clean install” option?

I’m using win 10 home 1809 and I did the clean install option


I see you emailed us the .dmp. We will check it and reply via email.

For others reading this (this may not apply to Mike) but if you have a very old OS install please try to run Windows update, then reboot. This seems to solve the issue a lot of the time.

Another option is to uninstall, reboot, then reinstall our latest version with the “clean install” option checked. This is if our database somehow became corrupted causing a crash.