GlassWire 1.0.30b BSOD

I’ve been using version .28b flawlessly. Now that I updated to .30b a few seconds after opening GlassWire it stops working and says that the service stopped running. When I force the service ON I get a BSOD “KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE”. After that every time windows boots it BOSD until I disable GlassWire service.

Windows 8.0 (up-to-date patched)

Thank you for reporting this. I’ll report the problem to the team so we can figure it out and fix it.

Please email us a crash dump that can be found at C:\Windows\Minidump. Our contact email for “bugs” is here:

I got some good news and bad news.

I opened GlassWire again to crash my PC because I cleaned the old minidump I had.
Windows kept switching the glasswire service off, so by forcing it on I got a BSOD within a minute.
problem is earlier today I had set paging file to 0. so no dump was created. facepalm
When my windows restarted it installed a few updates that now prevent glasswire service from auto-switching off. Instead the service stays ON and the glasswire app crashes. (I’ve been going at it for 3 hours now, I can’t get a BSOD anymore)

If I mange to get one I’ll send it straight to bug report.

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