GlassWire 1.2.100 using 1GB of Ram

About 2 days ago, I upgraded to v1.2.100.

I’m running Windows 10 (v1607). Just noticed it’s using over 1GB of RAM. Is that normal?

No, do you use Bittorrent? If so it’s possible because GlassWire must keep track of thousands of simultaneous hosts, so it will use a lot of RAM. To avoid this problem you can switch to Incognito mode while using Bittorrent.

No. I don’t use Bittorent. The only thing running in terms of internet traffic is a VPN.

If you don’t need your history try reinstalling GlassWire with the “clean” installer option and your memory usage should drop significantly.

31% memory, it’s so high. You should disable some programs. With your picture, i can’t play game on PC