Glasswire 1.2.54 crashes, dmp file on Desktop

Just updated to 1.2.54 (Glasswire Basic). Glaswire crashed a few times post update and GWIdlMon.exe is crashing at regular intervals of less than a minute leaving a lot of dmp files on my desktop. I uninstalled, cleaned Program Data and did a re-install, still same.

Edit : Emailed the dump file to the bugs@glasswire id.

Thanks. I got your file at the helpdesk and we’re working on it.

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The link in your email was broken @abesh, can you resend? The dev team didn’t get a chance to download it.

Should work now. Please check ?

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@abesh Got it, thank you.

Hello, I have the same problem, do you have any int how to fix it? thank you…

Version 1.2.57b

@egazito Do you have Nahimic installed? If so can you remove it and see if that helps solve the problem?

I do not have Nahimic installed, this is a windows 10 clean installation…

Please email the dmp files to our “bugs” email address if possible.


They are, in total, 572MB… :confused:

Any of the most recent ones are OK, or use Google Drive or Dropbox links, thanks!

already send it, thank you for your reply’s

Any update on the crash issue?

We contacted Nahimic and they did not respond yet.


How can this be a Nahimic issue since @egazito is facing the same with a clean install of Windows 10 ?

His crash is related to another driver that is crashing (that is installed with his type of hardware). It’s another third party software causing the crash somehow. We’re not sure how it’s possible to solve the Nahimic issue since they have an audio driver and we don’t interface with audio at all.

Maybe these threads we found in Google will be helpful

I do not have Nahimic installed and my problem is related with Phoebus software (asus sound card)…

We’re really frustrated with this problem also and we’ll continue to see if there is a way to solve this without the help of Nahimic. It’s strange, because we don’t really do anything audio related. Yes we do have the mic detection but it works in a way that isn’t related to these drivers in any way.

Just installed Glasswire and I’m also getting regular GWIdlMon.exe crashes that leave .dmp files in the desktop.
I also have a MSI laptop with Nahimic.

Should I send the .dmp files over at the contact form?

There is no need to send anything if you have Nahimic installed. We are investigating this already and we know the relation with Nahimic. Thanks for your report.

We have contacted Nahimic twice from different email addresses and they have yet to respond to us. Hopefully they will respond someday.