Glasswire 1.2.54 crashes, dmp file on Desktop


Whoo, progress, got a reply from Nahimic’s Support today:

We received your last request, we sent an email to Wireglass’s team to have the forgotten email :slight_smile:
We reproduced the bug and we are now trying to fix it ASAP.
Thanks for your help, I hope to give you the new version soon !
Have a good day !


Yes, they did contact us and I forwarded them the email we sent them before with details. Thanks!


Wow ! That’s awesome @Ani & @Ken_GlassWire :slight_smile:


Now if they could just learn the difference between Glasswire and Wireglass… :wink:


That’s just a misspelling;
The person who answered my emails was actually very nice and answered them very fast.
I had a harder time going through the MSI support (2 out of 5) than the Nahimic support (5 out of 5).


@Ani any update from Nahimic support?


@abesh We sent them some dump files 8 days ago, but it probably takes them awhile to research bugs and release updates.


All Nahimic users, Nahimic just sent us an update today Please try it and let us know your results.


Installed the latest audio and nahimic stuff from that link above, it stopped the .dmp files from being created for the last 24 hours but they have started coming back again.

Any chance you can just give us an option to disable error reporting until this is fixed? Why does it need to write a .dmp file at every crash? As far as I can see the Glasswire app is still quite happily running away and there are no other indications that there are any problems.


Sorry for the problem. I’ll discuss the .dmp file problem with our dev team. Can you try using our latest GlassWire verison with a “clean” option and see if you still see dmp files?


Just removed the Glassware app and re-installed using the ‘clean’ option (I am using the Steam installer, am guessing it is the same as the one available here?) The .dmp files started appearing within a few minutes of doing this.

There is obviously a reason why nihamic is causing Glassware to bug out and generate a .dmp file every few minutes, have other peoples logs not shed any light on why Glasswire is behaving like this?

Nihamic is not complaining about anything and to be fair to it, it is just a bunch of audio drivers and a pretty front end to make my crappy laptop speakers sound better.

I have an MSI GS40 by the way. Audio drivers are Realtek HDA ver. and nihamic


Could you reply to the last email you sent us with the dmp files and include a link to this forum thread? I’ll then immediately forward it to the dev team to check the status of your problem. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the problem!


I just got your email, thanks! I’ll see what we can do now.


Erm I haven’t sent anything…

The log files are too big to email, as has been mentioned a number of times before about this issue. I have uploaded one to me OneDrive though for you:

Actually, no I can’t post a link??? New user or something crazy like that.


Oops, I guess it was another user who sent a crash dump. You can email us here Thanks!

I got this thread mixed up with another one, sorry.


no worries, just sent it.


Here are the instructions to disable the dump files:

  1. Run regedit.exe
  2. Find key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps\GWIdlMon.exe
  3. Remove this key.


Dumps are back with the latest version of Glasswire!


I know this is an old thread, but I found it when I searched for the same problem with version 1.2.96- and others may too. So just to say when I had this problem it was due to restoring the system disk from a backup taken two days ago (via AXTM). I’m wondering if somehow there’s an internal timestamp that got out of sync


We found a crash in the latest version for a tiny subset of users using a certain audio driver. We’re working on a fix!