GlassWire 1.35 - Can't connect remote servers

The GW -> Settings > Client > Remote Server > enable connection its not working…

On server’s side, Allow remote Access by password is checked (with password).

both computers are new installation of windows 7 ultimate 64bits sp1.

Did it work before and it does not work with this new version or are you a new user? If you are new it could be your port forwarding is not set up correctly.

Same problem here I think.
I got 1 Windows 2012, 1 Windows 2012 R2 and 1 Windows 8.1 running

Same thing happens any way I try to connect.
W2k12 -> W8.1. W8.1 -> W2k12. W2k12 -> W2k12R2. etc…

All the computers have thier firewalls turned off and are on the same subnet.

When I fill in the Name, IP, and Password the IP sometimes disapers when I TAB to the Password field.
If I get all the fields filled out the Enable connection is grayed out, not working. I can’t check it.
Clicking OK erases the IP if I go back to the window.

Is there anywhere else I can enter these values? Ini file, registry, cloud storage? I don’t seem to find it…

This function is what would make this tool my montering choice at home.

I also have a few ides for the commercial version (I monitor a datacenter with 60+ servers at work plus networks with 1500+ nodes) if you get there :smile:

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We plan to make our Pro version have the ability to monitor multiple servers for sure. I’m not sure why the remote connection isn’t working for you. Maybe some other users will chime in with similar situations that will help us figure it out.

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Exact same problem for me attempting to make talk together Glasswire instances on my network.
Network software has done that really easily and beautifuly. A port on UDP/TCP must be open by creating new rules on the Win Firewall.

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The same problem! After fill in the IP and switch to the password field, the IP goes blank, if I start typing the password.
The “enable connection” box is always grayed out. I can’t check it.
Its a bug in this glasswire version?

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We tested with our QA and found no problems but we’ve seen other people report this. We’ll try to recreate this on our end so we can fix it.

We’ll waiting for news. There are some bug on this version, because 1.30 “works flawless”. As i said early, each version I test on fully new virtual environment, excluding problems with old versions uninstalled.

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Same issue here.

When i upgraded from 30 to 35 the IP reverts back to previous setting, and on a fresh install of 35 the IP disappears when entering a password, and the enable connection box is always grayed out.


OK - It works! I found the problem. The IP must be end with the port! (example:
Now the connection box is available.
And the port (7007) must be configured in the windows firewall.

Now I can access the remote computer without problems.

Sorry, put I can’t upload a picture or link to it :frowning:


Really, works for me. Only put :7007 after IP. Could have a Hint or any information how to use determinate field


Very good!!! thanks Travanto

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Same problem for me between 2 win 7 Pro. (my pc and a laptop)
Ports are open and listening. I see them with TCPView.
Firewalls have been open too for GW with the install process.

When I try with my pc with another win 7 Pro which work before, I don’t have any problem. Only with my laptop with a fresh win 7 install.
I’ll try tomorrow to find a solution.

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It’s very simple.
Windows firewall is only modify to autorize GlassWire.exe

We have to manually add GWCtlSrv.exe

I don’t know why I do not have to do this on a previous install updated with 35b.

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We have found this bug and fixed it for the next software update. Thanks for reporting this problem.

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OK, It works if I append :7007 to the IP, but:
Can I only monitor 1 remote machine?
Need at least 4 remotes just for the servers at home, and I would like to add both my kids machines as well, especially to get notifications on new mysterious connections :smile:

We’re working on an update that allows multiple computer/server monitoring.

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Oh my expletives! I have been looking for this small piece of information everywhere! You are a true sir!

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