GlassWire 2.0.123 is here - Change your font size!


Please try our 2.0.123 update we just released. WIth this new GlassWire update it’s now easy to change your font size so it’s easier to read. - Download Now!

Other changes are listed here:


I like it!!

I have a 4K monitor and this makes things so much easier to read.



We’re glad you like it @CTaylor! People have been asking for this for awhile so we’re glad to finally get it out there.


This is what I thought I installed, but in the about section it still says 2.0.80. How do I get this .123 update? When I go to install it just says I will be installing 2.0


Just download at and then install it using our “clean” install option. @Glassw


Help!! I accidentally changed my font to largest while I was going through settings and now the settings window is so big that I can’t change the settings back! I can’t change the size of the settings window to allow me to accept any settings changes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, but the size settings stayed the same. How can I fix this?


When This happens to me I try right clicking an open space in the taskbar, and click to “cascade windows”. Can get you out of a bind when a window top bar can’t be reached for whatever reason, say it has a momentum set on it and you fling it off the top of the desktop. Sounds like something you might be able to use. Those huge fonts are way too huge for my ordinary 1920 screen. But I guess it’s good for the 4k folks.



Thanks for your feedback. We’re making a change in our next update so this won’t happen to someone else in the future. Meanwhile, do the suggestions @Glassw makes help?


Unfortunately, it didn’t help. I tried it, but it didn’t affect the size of the window, and I still can’t see the button to save settings changes. But thank you for the advice, I have a feeling it’ll come in handy in the future.


I was just now able to fix it by changing my Windows icons and text to a smaller size, which affected the window size of the program. Thank you all for your help! I hope



If you can’t use GlassWire at all now, go to add/remove programs and uninstall, then reinstall using the “clean” install option. It will reset your settings back to the original so your settings window will then be small.


I also wanted to make the fonts a bit bigger but the only next option was a bit too big for me, so I’de love it if you can add more sizes in between the existing ones, thanks! :smiley:


I’m very happy to have larger fonts. It improves the interface dramatically. Thanks.

But Glasswire is still a Windows application that doesn’t follow the guidelines for usability. That’s why it is so similar to the problem where you allow the window size to be larger than the display size.


Thanks for your feedback. It’s kind of a trade-off on time/value. The way we implemented this allowed us to do it in a reasonable time period because of the way we built our UI initially.