Glasswire更新2.0.84之后 服务停止运行


Does this help?

I have already solved the problem,thank

I have the same issue. whats the solution? can you share it?


Would you mind trying this again? Please be sure to reboot, and don’t use any third party uninstallers.

If you need to back up your settings/history you can do so by following these instructions:

First please uninstall GlassWire using Add/Remove programs. Please don’t use a third party uninstalling application because it will sometimes miss our driver, and that’s what starts this problem.

Next reboot (important!).

Now go to and click “download” and download our latest version.

Double click GlassWire’s installer and begin installing it, but be sure and choose the “clean install” option and “reset firewall” option with the installer.

GlassWire should now run normally. If it does not please email us the .dmp files that keep appearing on your desktop.