GlassWire 2.0.91 released - Check out the changes!

We just released GlassWire 2.0.91, and we appreciate your feedback in the forum so we could find bugs and add more features.

What’s new?

  • Software update notifications will now no longer appear when GlassWire’s Snooze mode is on. This was requested by gamers who didn’t want to see our update notification while gaming, or streaming live.
  • There is now more “info” when receiving a notice about a “new” application accessing the network. Click the “info” button and you can now see more details about the app and block it without having to open GlassWire.
  • Fixed a bug that caused GlassWire to incorrectly convert extremely large volumes of data incorrectly under its “Usage” tab. Thanks for letting us know about this in the GlassWire forum!
  • Microsoft Windows Defender apps are now white listed by GlassWire so they won’t be blocked. This avoids Windows Defender giving GlassWire false positives.
  • Fixed a bug that caused scrolling on our “alerts” screen to not scroll properly with a mouse wheel, when the cursor was placed in a certain part of the window. Thanks for posting this in the forum also!
  • Fixed a bug that caused the GlassWire service to crash repeatedly for some GlassWire users. If you have been having this issue please try updating GlassWire. Thank you to the people who helped us test and fix this issue.

Thank you for your feedback and reporting the problems we fixed so we can improve GlassWire!


Hi @Ken_GlassWire, Is the Block App feature going to appear on all programs that come into the network or only First network access. I’m not seeing the block option on any of the Microsoft programs?

Thanks a bunch.



The menu appears for “new” apps that access the network for the first time.