GlassWire 2.1.167 install fails

The installer doesn’t stop the GlassWire Control Service so the install fails because the only usable option is Abort:

I manually stopped the GlassWire Control Service and restarted the installer:

  • Run Task Manager
  • Click on the Services tab
  • Find the GlassWire Control Service
  • Right click on it to Stop it
  • Restart the GlassWire installer

My system is WIndows 10 Pro version 1903 build 18632.418
The previous GlassWire version was 2.1.166


Thanks for the report and sorry for the issue. Let me share this with our team and see what they suggest we try next.

If anyone else is experiencing this please let us know what GlassWire version you have and what Windows version.

Further info:

  • Glasswire was running when I started the install.
  • Install options were:
    • Quick access shortcut
    • NO desktop shortcut
    • Keep data
  • I’m not using any VPN software.
  • GlassWire is installed in the default location on C: drive.
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Thanks. Our team is reviewing this thread.


Were you able to stop the service in the typical way via the Service panel of the Task Manager, or did you have to terminate the service process?

Would you be willing to try to recreate the issue and collect logs locally to email us?

Yes, stopped via Task Manager.

I will uninstall and install earlier version and see if it reproduces first.

I can’t reproduce the problem upgrading from either 2.1.158 or 2.1.166 to 2.1.167.

Anyway, the main issue is that the install program did not stop the service successfully and then presents me with three bad options:
Abort - install fails
Retry - useless as the service was not stopped
Ignore - install hangs

Maybe it isn’t checking that the service stops successfully. Maybe it needs to retry the service stop if GWCtlSrv.exe is still in use.

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I’ve reported it a few times without luck. I doubt it even tries to stop the service. It happens every time and it’s very annoying to recover from as you need to reboot to do so.

I did find several of your posts about the service not starting but didn’t find any about the service not stopping. Maybe I misread the ones you’re referring to or maybe you emailed them about the problem.

Having the service not stop or start with our installer would be a huge mess and we’d lose most of our user base if this was a common problem. However, losing even one GlassWire fan due to this error is unacceptable and I’m sorry you experienced this issue.

Our team discussed this issue in detail.

Our next update has a complete rewrite of our backend and we hope to have it out next month. Since the app backend is completely new it should not have this issue anymore. I’ll send you a beta version to test in advance if you are available to do so?

Thanks for your detailed report.


It is doing something seriously wrong, this time I stopped the service manually, and upgraded (let in uninstall previous & install new), that left the service in “disabled” state (I think to be deleted on boot).

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Sorry, please be on the lookout for our major update coming soon.