Glasswire 2.2.201 incognito not working

Hi I just updated from the latest stable to Glasswire 2.2.201 on windowd 10 pro 1909 and now “incognito mode” is not working. It shows all my network traffic under usage.
I did a install with the “clean install and delete all settings” option and tried enabling and disabling incognito mode a few times. Still all data is shown under usage.
Any tips?


We tested Incognito with our QA team, then also had our beta testers test. Are you 100% sure? I will report this to our team so we can try to recreate the issue.

Is this full Incognito or just Incognito for one specific app? We have both modes.


If you restart GlassWire do the stats disappear from “usage”? Our team wants to know the answer to that. It will help us diagnose this issue.

@Ken_GlassWire I used the incognito mode for all traffic. Right clicked gw icon > Incognito all
Tried clearing history and en/disabling full incognito still same problem.

With the old stable I did it the same way and got no problems.

What exactly do you mean with “restart” glasswire? Rightclick the icon in the taskbar and “exit”?
If yes I still got the same problem.


Thank you for these details! Yes, I just meant Exit GlassWire (top left menu) then start it again.

Are you 100% sure the data is not from a previous time period during the day BEFORE Incognito was not on somehow?

We will try to recreate this. Thanks for your report so we can get it fixed.

@Ken_GlassWire Yes im 100% sure since I used the “clear history all option” (more than once). I started with a clean slate surfed the net and usage data is shown.

When I enable and disable “incognito all” a few times (while purging the history) it seems sometimes to work till I reboot the pc. Then all is back to usage shown again (while still in incognito)


OK. We just tested on two different machines and we could not recreate this.

If someone else can recreate it please post the details here!

I will ask our team what we should try next. Sorry for the issue.

@Ken_GlassWire Sorry I missed the question above.
Yes when I exit glasswire the stats disappear and the usage panel is blank. Atm it seems to be working for me. The amount of data programes used is shown under “apps” but no other info in the “hosts” section.


Is the problem fixed completely now that you restarted GlassWire? Or does the issue continue?

i have same problem i updated to 201 and firefox data is in the stats despite of it being added to incognito list, it was working fine before (version .167 was ok) this update.

i’m going to try to restart the computer but not sure if it’s going to help

edit the problem persist after rebooting, i have even tried to remove it from the incognito list and re-add it but it don’t help, i have also tried to clean the whole history.

All the hosts are listed for me unlike what Geri123 said and it’s listed under both Graph and Usage tabs

using windows10 1909, how can i help to find the problem?

Hello everyone in this thread. @Geri123

If you turn off Incognito, then turn it back on, I think you will see the data disappears. Is that what you are seeing? So a temporary solution is to turn off Incognito and turn it back on.

The data is not actually permanently stored in the GlassWire database, it’s just temporarily there until you switch Incognito off.

We plan to put out a fix for this next week.

i never used the incognito mode but i use the Incognito list with incognito mode OFF, but it’s probably related to that bug, thanks

edit turning on and off incognito mode do nothing for me, firefox stats are still here


Just to be clear…

Are you saying GlassWire had only Firefox set to Incognito (GlassWire can set per-app Incognito), or was GlassWire itself fully set to Incognito (all network activity is under Incognito under our top left menu), or was only Firefox the browser itself set to its own Incognito mode that is separate from GlassWire?

Or are you saying something else entirely? I am not sure I understand.

Please explain in detail so we can be sure there is no misunderstanding about what is happening.

It’s the Glasswire per-app Incognito which is broken for me in the latest version, thanks Ken

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Just did that. The data didn’t disappered it just was no new data added (see screenshot). The screenshot was taken after going from incognito to normal then back to incognito

After that I cleared the history and left and entered incognito mode again. This time I got all 3 fields in “usage” empty as I would have expected it to be.

When I talk about incognito I mean the “incognito all” function.

Thanks for your time and help :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Our team is investigating.

any news on the broken incognito per-app since the latest update? thanks


If you’d like to email me I can send you a testing version.

Please give a link to this thread. I think it will be out next week.

Thanks!, i will wait, here a screenshot:

what’s strange is that only a part of the traffic is counted when the app is added to incognito while all the traffic is counted when not added to incognito.


I emailed you a new testing version, could you try it and see if the issue is solved?