Glasswire 2.2.268 does not work with windows 8.1 (for me)

Hi !
So since this version is out I don’t arrive to make it work, it crashes immediately, and that on 2 pcs on Windows 8.1 pro.
I hadn’t the time to solve this and I downloaded tinyfirewall to have a fonctionnal replacement.

I don’t know if another softwares I use (vpn, anti ad, …) are the sources of the problem but the fact is it does not work anymore for my 2 pcs.
But now I would like to ask if somebody have the old version 2.2.260 witch worked perfectly.

Thanks !
(sorry if my English is not correct, I am not English)

We will have an update out next week. I think it will solve your issue.

Also it may be possible to get Windows 10 free if this article is correct.

Thank you, I found the version of glasswire v2.2.260 and it also does not work anymore. So I think of an issue with an update of VPN Unlimited that seems to block glasswire to be launched.

I’ll wait for an update but I am not sure if it will solve that, maybe it’s different.

Thanks, I know but I prefer to stay on W8.1 for some reasons.

I would be very suspicious if an app prevents GlassWire from launching. It may be malware. What don’t they want you to reveal with our network monitor?

I confirm VPN Unlimited makes glasswire to crash.
When I restart the computer, Glasswire start normally first and VPN unlimited get a start with a connection. All seems to work normally with glasswire and VPN unlimited until I change some properties on glasswire options to make it restart. Glasswire wo’nt open anymore.

No, I don’t thinks it’s a malware, I have malwarebytes installed and all is clean. I trust Vpn Unlimited , it is just a vpn software I paid for. And It has been perfectly workingwith glasswire for half a year before these crashes.

Also when I stop vpn unlimited completly, I arrive to restart Glasswire but it does not find any available connexion so I think that there are some drivers not compatible between these two softwares.

Edit :Or maybe it is a DNS problem, VPN Unlimited implemented some new features that allows some DNS filters.

So Now I understand more the problem after some test with restarting the computer, until it is solved I’ll use TinyWall.

Thanks for your help