Glasswire 2.2 - clean installation won't accept license key

After upgrading a working installation to 2.2 and finding that is failed quite hard after updating (didn’t start, produced mindumps onto the desktop of all places!), I uninstalled glasswire and rebooted.

I then installed 2.2 from clean, reset everything which is somewhat annoying, and now I’m told that my license key is not valid. 2.2 won’t activate.

I’m going to contact helpdesk anyway, so sort out the key but is this due to some installation limit on my account or is it actually do to with 2.2 itself?


Did you test one of our betas? A beta did have this issue. If you tested the beta previously and did not make certain changes then this issue could re-appear.

If you did not test the beta then I am not sure what happened. It seems related to your crash.

I am pretty sure I got your email and replied. Please try your code again now. For anyone else having any licensing issues in the future you should email us for the fastest help.

Nope - no beta testing. I’m going to asume whatever weirdness I had in my database which caused the installer to spend around 10-15 minutes converting the database also caused the failure to start - I’m not really sure the install actuallt worked cleanly despite it eventaually finishing.

I also suspect the key issue I had was down to not deactivating my license before uninstalling/reinstalling (because I coudln’t start the application). Regardless, you’d sorted it out now sir, for which I am grateful.

I’m uploading the 5 or so dmp files I have from trying to start 2.2 upto Gdrive now - I’ll drop a note when I’ve shared them, but to be honest, I’d chalk the dumps up to a failed upgrade install as the 2.2 clean install is working without any issue.

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Shared my Gdrive folder with 5 minidumps with the “bugs” email. If you’d like it available to any other account just shout.


I don’t see the invite yet unfortunately. I’ll be on the lookout.


I got the files, thanks for your help!

I just downloaded and installed 2.2 and watched while it uninstalled the current version, installed 2.2, upgraded the database, and started up without a hitch.

One thing I did that this user may not have done: I stopped the running version of Glasswire before I did the upgrade.

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I’m glad it worked well for you. Thanks for your feedback on it!

Correct Joschka - I didn’t stop the executing process for the installed Glasswire first. I never do to be honest. As the first thing the installer does is uninstall the previous version and would have to stop the running process itself to do that. Either way the database conversion takes place without the Glasswire process being active.

All good now though - a complete re-install of 2.2 with all settings reverted and rules removed resolved the issue.

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Just as you probably have, I have upgraded dozens of applications and have seen inconsistent results with running applications that have to be stopped by the installer.

I adopted the habit of stopping those apps manually. It has improved my results significantly, so I keep doing it.

GlassWire uses a driver, so I think it can’t hurt to stop the GlassWire driver when upgrading but it should not be required in most cases.