GlassWire 2.3.335 now available!

GlassWire 2.3.335 is now released to the public. Please upgrade now and give us your feedback on the update.

Merci pour les mises à jour.
It’s nice the “Things” device types.

Return of the GW installations from a recent user.
Some programs allow the installation of a software from the standard account and the entry of the pwd of the admin account.
I never succeeded in this way with GW, the installation leaves in error.
The only possibility for GW is the installation directly under the admin account.

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Sorry for the issue.

  1. What Windows version do you use exactly?
  2. What is the exact error you see?
  3. Can you post a screenshot?
  4. Has this always happened, or is it a new problem?

We will try to recreate this issue, thanks.

W10 Famille - 21H1 - 19043.1110

I don’t remember the error message.

I don’t really consider this as an error; I mentioned it so that other people don’t think that the installation doesn’t work.
An installation should be done under the admin account, it’s still more logical. It’s an easy solution to do it under the standard account.

I think you can reproduce this point without any problem.


@telegramme We will test this and improve the app, thanks for your feedback.

upgraded here from previosu build… and not seen these alerts now for a long time, im sure these have been fixed for 6months+
but seem to be back!!

I’ve experienced this issue as well. Had to change the standard account to an admin account to successfully do the install then change back…


You saw a false positive with Windows Security during the installation of GlassWire, or what exactly happened?

I didn’t had this block for a few month/weeks …
Since krevvy also got an BlockFirewallRuleP I wanted to add mine to that.
GW 2.3.335, Windos 10 Pro OS Build 19042.1110,Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0.
For me the block seems to happen shortly after MS Defender updated itself (maybe it helps you)

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Thanks @Geri123.

Do you have any other firewall software installed, or have you used some in the past?

I’m using whitelistcloud (any option to add firewall rules disabled) and added the recommended Firewall rules to the windowsfirewall via Firewall Hardening from .
None of that is a firewall and the recommended rules doesn’t touch any ms defender stuff since the whole thing was made to use Defender with nissrv as main Antivirus.
My log shows that before the ms defender block there was one for nissrv.exe (where I had problems with this native windows security part with glasswire before)

Anyways just wanted to add info in case it helps since another user (krevvy) mentioned the same problem a week a go and I just had it today.

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If you manually block nissrv with GlassWire, then run a scan does the false positive appear again for you @Geri123?

I don’t seem to have that executable on my PC for some reason.

I can’t block/delete it in glasswire since it got an shield icon so somebody whitelisted it at glasswire. (I can’t even delete the 8+ versions shown under inactive since it got an shield even there).
Sorry I can’t tell you why it’s not there for you but for me. I can only think it would be enabled after using Configure Defender at High or Max Settings. Download ConfigureDefender - MajorGeeks
But it a normal part of at least windows 10 Pro that’s maybe only dormant till activated.
Microsoft Network Realtime Inspection Service (NisSrv.exe) information - gHacks Tech News
Configure Microsoft Defender Antivirus with Group Policy | Microsoft Docs
How exactly you can enable it by hand via gpo is above my understanding sorry.

@Ken_GlassWire Any other idea?

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The reason it’s set up this way is because if you do block Defender, it causes the exact message you reported.

Perhaps this false positive is related to the ConfigureDefender app?

The 70 pages thread for configure Defender got no hits if I search for DBlockFirewallRule.P
When I search just for WDBlockFirewallRule.P (via google or DDG) I got results for it (the WDBlockFirewallRule.P) in combination with the mentioning of glasswire.
Anyways thanks for your help I just wanted to mention it and supply some logs since it happened also to another user.

Sorry, was responding to @telegramme’s Glasswire update issue that started the this thread. I was only able to perform a successful update of Glasswire if I changed my Standard account to an Administrator account.